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November 20, 2007 Coolness: 6.867
Review From WTAE-TV 4
Review From WTAE-TV 4

budgetEDGE is a free and anonymous place for you to create and manage your finances, using a forward-looking, paycheck-driven approach that shows you if (when) you will run out of money.

While budgetEDGE is powerful, it cannot predict the future. It shows you the results of your inputs. But the more information you enter, the more accurate it is. Enter your income, expenses and savings faithfully and you will see that it tells you exactly how much money you will have left in your bank account for the current pay period. For all later pay periods, you will see an estimate that will be as close to your actual closing balance as your information allows.

With this knowledge you have the power to make intelligent decisions about what to do with your money and the best time to do it. Save or spend, the choice is yours.

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